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Baton Rouge

Calle de la Victoria, 8 - 28012 Madrid

Louisiana in the middle of touristy Madrid? Well, yes: not everything has to be 100% Spanish here. Baton Rouge is a place with its own identity, branded at heart by the owner, a veteran of the cocktail thing. Here, they’ve left a prominent place for first-rate spirits in general and whiskies in particular. If you’re peckish, there’s finger food nodding towards the US. And the cocktails, you ask? Focusing on classics (sometimes completely reinvented), the menu conveys the passion of the team in a contagious way.


de 19:00h a 2:00h de lunes a jueves

de 19:00h a 2:30h viernes y sábados

de 19:00h a 2:00h domingos

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