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How did BestCocktailsMadrid begin?

May we present BestCocktailsMadrid, a website designed for cocktail lovers helping you find the best places in the city.

Thanks to BestCocktailsMadrid, you can discover the best the sector has to offer and choose your favourite cocktail bar, but to do that you’ll have to try them all.

The initiative came about in response to the current situation, as a show of unity from top cocktail bars. Far from wanting to compete against each other, we decided to come together and create a united front in order to make Madrid a world leader in the cocktail sector. We believe that the best way to do this is by upholding the highest standards in terms of quality and creativity.

BestCocktailsMadrid, the guide to finding the best the cocktail sector has to offer.

BestCocktailsMadrid was created to showcase all of this work. It’s a guide to help you discover different places, all of the highest standard, and plan your route to check out the cocktail bars on every bartending lover’s must-visit list.

Don’t let us keep you any longer. Feel free to browse our web pages, map out your route and sample the best mixes on Madrid’s cocktail scene.

The team at BestCocktailsMadrid

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